Intelligent Investing: Know what "They" don't want you to know.

The majority of investors do not understand how their investments may be stealing their financial security. When it comes to their investments, all too often the investor is unaware of the latent and excessive risk, lack of liquidity, undisclosed commissions and fees lurking within their investments. This all combines to weaken their investment portfolio – instead of strengthening it.

This book has been written with the intent of opening the eyes of every investor while simultaneously saving their financial security. Wall Street and the world of investing is like the Wizard of Oz, pull the curtain back and you can see what is really happening. Wall Street and many financial institutions both large and small have one interest and one interest only and it is not always to help the individual investor.

Investing does not have to be this way. Investing can and should be transparent, enjoyable and productive endeavor. No secrets, no hidden agendas, no complicated double talk. Plain and simple: do the right thing. This book will help you protect your family, protect your savings and protect your investments.

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